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Monsoon Wedding The Musical
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Monsoon Wedding The Musical

Monsoon Wedding The Musical

You’re invited to the wedding of the season! Award-winning film director Mira Nair bringsher iconic, exuberant, sumptuous film Monsoon Wedding to life in a new musical adaptationset to light up the stage this fall.

East and West converge at the four-day wedding celebration of Delhi-born Aditi and New Jersey-raised Hemant. A south Delhi princess, Aditi has agreed to marry on the rebound from a disastrous affair, but her activist cousin Ria urges her to think beyond marriage. Hemant, the Ivy-league groom from New Jersey, has never felt at home in his own skin and is hoping to find an anchor with his new wife’s family. As the lavish festivities get underway, Aditi’s bravery lands her into trouble, her father is in the thick of financial woe, Hemant is just as lost in the old world as in the new, and dark family secrets come to light. In Monsoon Wedding the Musical, two families across oceans come together and decide if they can find a way towards loving each other or if their differences will tear them apart.

Prepare for a perfect storm of drama and hope, love and laughs, and a whole lot of rain!

November 17th - 27th

2 SHOWS ON 23/11 AND 26/11 - EXTRA SHOW AT 9PM


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